Saturday, 20 December 2014

Blogmas day 16: Izzy and Lauren's Christmas Criticize (TAG)

Hello everyone! It is my pleasure to bring to you a post I thought of myself the Christmas Criticize! It does sound harsh but it's not that bad. I am very happy to be doing this with the one and only Izzy Knight from I've decided to turn this into a tag so others can do it too.

Rules of the tag:
  • Must be done with two or more people 
  • Must refer back to the owner of the tag (moi) 
  • Must tag two or more blogs
  • It's not just for Christmas, it can be done with anything 
  • I am tagging all Beau Bloggers, because your all lovely. 

How it works: 

Pick two or more Christmas movies and Christmas songs or Christmas anything really, and speak your mind about it, the truth is very much appreciated because that's what makes it fun to do and fun for viewers to read. Lets get started! 

The first song that was chosen was All I want for Christmas is you - Mariah Carey 


I cant believe this song is 20 years old now! I mean I wasn't alive when it came out, but it still seems to be played loads every year! If you ask me it might be played a little too much. I can guarantee when you turn the radio or music channel on at any point in December it will be this song playing. Nevertheless its still a classic and if anyone says they don't know all the lyrics off by heart they're lying. 


It's a classic so I know it will be played every single Christmas however a new generation of Christmas songs needs to come and kill that tradition because I've heard it so much and it's just like a ringing bell sounding in my ears but the weird thing about it is that you can't help singing along when you hear it!

Do they know it's Christmas: 


I think its really cool how they re-do this song to keep it up to date with current pop stars. The one from 1984 is the one I am most familiar with. The video is interesting as 80s fashion is quite questionable... However in the 2014 version I can basically feel the awkwardness in the room when they're all singing together. Who thought it would be a good idea to put Ed Sheeran, Ellie Goulding and Niall Horan in the same room together after all the rumors that went round this year?


I like the way this song has been updated to modern artists but I'm going to say the truth of what I think. I generally don't like the tune lol, it just annoys me. I like to get up and dance, so that's not exactly my type lol. 

The Grinch: 


When I watch this film now it makes me laugh so much and I appreciate it a lot more now that I'm older. I must admit that when I was younger it used to scare me quite a bit. That's probably just me isn't it? I know its a children's film and everything but I still find the Grinch costume and the way he behaves quite creepy. And I always felt sorry for poor Cindy Lou for having to put up with him haha!


The Grinch is a great Christmas movie, hilarious family entertainment but confession to make... I've always been scared of the Grinch. If you did not know the Grinch was the Grinch in a famous Christmas movie and he turned up in your house at midnight wouldn't you be pooping bricks?



Don't get me wrong I'm obsessed with the film Frozen. I find it absolutely hilarious and the soundtrack is my jam. But still, compared to other Disney movies, it is still fairly overrated. I mean I love it, but why didn't Brave and Tangled get as much recognition? They were just as good in my opinion. Its a great film to watch at Christmas but do I think there are better films? Yes!


Frozen is probably the most amazing Disney movie that'll ever exist and I still haven't seen it lol. I love all the characters though, especially Elsa and Olaf. The soundtrack was lovely until every 3-92 year old wouldn't stop singing it!!! Even the producer and the person who wrote the soundtrack apologized to all parents for creating the song because it has become very annoying.

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